The Surveying and Mapping Department is led by licensed surveyors and supported by survey crews, managers, and technicians.

Our projects range from property and topographic surveys for residential and commercial developments to large infrastructure surveys for bridges, highways, buildings, parks, utilities, and railways. Our field staff uses the most up-to-date surveying equipment and techniques, including 3D high-definition laser scanning, GPS, GPR, robotic reflector-free total stations, digital levels and data collectors and associated software. We keep pace with evolving technology and follow a rigorous quality assurance and control program to ensure that client goals are met.

Topographic Surveys

Topographic surveying is one of ATANE’s most requested surveying and mapping service.

It is the main element of a base map for any project and the foundation for design. Topographic maps generally depict the physical characteristics of sites, including buildings, curbing, utilities, spot elevations and contours. We understand the importance of this type of survey and the need for clients to expect an accurate product on a timely basis. We use conventional surveying methods with reflector-free robotic total stations, GPS, high-definition 3D laser scanning, digital levels and data collectors in the course of collecting topographic data.

Topographic Surveys

East River Waterfront Esplanade and Piers

The NYCEDC retained a joint venture team for a $135 million project to improve access to the East River Waterfront, increase pedestrian connectivity, and produce major waterfront services. an ATANE-led survey team performed a land survey and prepared a topographic, right-of-way and utility base map of 2 miles of the waterfront.

State-of-the-art techniques included a primary control network tied to the borough of Manhattan datum; photo control targets established by GPS; aerial photogrammetry for aerial skeleton base mapping; a supplemental conventional survey under the FDR Drive; and vertical clearance under the FDR Drive measured by a reflectorless total station.

Challenges included an aggressive 15-week schedule. The project received an ACEC New York Platinum Award.


Topographic Surveys

NYCDDC Topographic and Utility Surveys

ATANE provided survey services at multiple locations in Brooklyn for a design services term contract with the New York City Department of Design and Construction. We performed complete topographic and utility surveys of the project areas, including manholes, catch basins, inlets and outlets, pipe materials, rim elevations and inverts and all street features. The topographic surveys located all permanent fixtures, along with other pertinent features of each project site. Specific assignments included: 17 intersections adjacent to four public schools; Flushing Avenue between Navy Street and Williamsburg Street; North Flatbush Avenue – Atlantic Yard Areas Streetscape; and the Brooklyn Children’s Museum Parking Lot.


Topographic Surveys

Philadelphia ADA Ramp Reconstruction

ATANE performed complete topographical, boundary and base plan preparation services for a City of Philadelphia $11 million design-build project involving the reconstruction of more than 2,750 curb ramps to bring them into compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. The project required ongoing coordination between the design team, the contractor and the City of Philadelphia to ensure a constant flow of deliverables for the contractor to maintain an aggressive construction schedule. Surveying crews worked off-peak hours to ensure safe, uninterrupted access to intersections.

ATANE used a variety of equipment, including robotic instruments, GPS units, laser levels, and conventional electronic instruments to perform detailed surveys of the various intersections. To expedite the delivery process and, where needed, ATANE transmitted information electronically using laptops and remote internet connections.


Topographic Surveys

Alpine Country Club Topographic Survey

The Alpine Country Club is a full-service, family-focused club that offers a world-class championship 18-hole golf course, five tennis courts, a resort-style pool area with adult and children’s pools, a children’s playground, and a half basketball court.

ATANE performed a topographic survey of this sprawling 2.5-acre site in Bergen County, New Jersey. Our survey encompassed all topographic features, including buildings, walkways, roadways, curbs, utility castings, and other street furniture.

Utility Surveys

The performance of high-quality, accurate and safe utility surveys is an integral component of ATANE’s surveying and mapping services.

The accurate location of underground utilities is critical for infrastructure improvement projects such as the design and construction of subways, electric and gas mains, and sewer and water mains.  Utility surveys are also needed for private site connections and upgrades. We use state-of-the-art magnetic locators and ground penetrating radar—a non-destructive testing technology that provides a wide range of information about materials and potential obstructions, both underground and within structures.

Utility Surveys

Swatara Creek Bridge Subsurface Utility Engineering

The horizontal locations and depths of underground communication lines, gas lines, sanitary sewer and water utilities were critical to the replacement and widening of the Swatara Creek Bridge for the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission.

ATANE used a radiodetection cable and pipe locator (M-Scope) to confirm the markouts performed by the utility companies and ground penetrating radar to determine the approximate depths of the utilities at the proposed storm sewer location. Excavation was performed by air vacuum techniques, and the horizontal and vertical locations of the exposed utilities were obtained by traditional land survey methods.

Utility Surveys

Kirby Psychiatric Hospital Subsurface Utility Engineering

Kirby Forensic Psychiatric Center on Wards Island is a maximum security hospital of the New York State Office of Mental Health.

ATANE performed topographic and utility surveys of a portion of the center to accommodate construction of a new high-security fence and carefully locate utilities to mitigate any interference with the fence foundation.  Subsurface utility engineering included electromagnetic detection of underground water, electric, and communication lines.  We reviewed historical record utility drawings to compare with our findings.  A composite utility plan was prepared denoting the results of the survey.


Utility Surveys

Port Authority of New York & New Jersey Subsurface Utility Engineering

ATANE provided on-call surveying services to locate and designate subsurface utilities for the Port Authority of New York & New Jersey. Projects involved performance of underground utility designating and/or locating services at various facilities utilizing the following methods:

  • Quality Level “D” – Analysis of existing utility records
  • Quality Level “C” – Location of surface utility hardware by conventional surveying methods
  • Quality Level “B” – Detection of subsurface utilities utilizing electromagnetic detection and ground penetrating radar technology
  • Quality Level “A” – Actual exposure and physical location of underground utilities

ATANE employed radio detection cable and pipe locators (M-Scope) and GPR instruments to perform utility designation and mark-outs. Conventional land surveying methods, including electronic total stations and survey-grade GPS instruments, were used to locate the utilities.

Utility Surveys

Tacony Creek Park Area Growing Greener Grant

ATANE, as a team member, provided surveying, mapping and subsurface utility engineering to the Philadelphia Water Department to design and install rain gardens and green infrastructure at five sites to improve the quality of stormwater throughout the Tacony Park area and the city of Philadelphia.

The objective of the 15-acre project was to improve stormwater and groundwater pollution through several applications.  It encompassed a survey and topography of the property, parking lot, building locations, applicable utilities, large specimen trees and site features that would impact the design.

The subsurface utility designation was performed using ground penetrating radar and radio detection equipment to identify possible utility conflicts with the proposed rain gardens.

Property Line Surveys

Property line surveying is a highly specialized branch of land surveying.

ATANE prepares boundary/property line maps for private and public building sites, city blocks, local streets, highways, bridges, railways, parks and other locales, including residential and commercial developments.  Our licensed surveyors prepare survey maps for a variety of design projects with services that include metes and bounds description of a property, acquisition maps, easements, and right-of-way maps. We also secure deeds, title information, tax maps, building department survey maps, and other pertinent information.

Property Line Surveys

Battery Park City Survey

Much of the land area of Battery Park City—a 92-acre site just west of the World Trade Center—is composed of excavated material from the original site. Since the area has been subdivided and widely developed over time, its owner, the Battery Park City Authority, requested a complete survey of the individual parcels within the neighborhood.

ATANE researched the original boundary lines as well as the lot lines, lease lines, and easements affecting the properties and designed a web-based geographic information system to make the maps accessible to the owner through a graphic interface. The maps are searchable, layered with detailed information on each parcel, and linked to an array of supporting documents for review.


Property Line Surveys

The Women’s Building

New York State’s first Women’s Building, scheduled for completion in 2020, will unite more than a dozen women-focused organizations in a 100,000-square-foot space at 550 West 20th Street. The new space will house events and programs, anticipated community spaces such as a female adolescent wellness clinic and public atrium, a ground-floor International Women’s Art Gallery and restaurant, and commercial tenants in technology and creative-focused industries. The plan for the building preserves its historic façade and keeps within the general zoning character of the special West Chelsea District.

ATANE is performing 3D laser scanning and topographical, boundary and utility surveys.

Laser Scanning

ATANE employs laser scanning to perform 3D scans of infrastructure such as streets, highways, bridges, tunnels, railway tracks, and toll plazas.

Objects can be observed remotely, eliminating the need to close lanes, thereby reducing costs and increasing safety. Laser scanning can reproduce a building when as-built drawings are not available and can complete many components of a visual inspection. Mobile LiDAR enables us to scan and collect topographic data from a moving vehicle at normal speed limits. Miles of topographic data of streets and roadways can be collected in a fraction of the time required by conventional techniques.

Laser Scanning

Gilboa Dam Land Surveying

ATANE is performing land surveying operations to support an ATANE-led construction management joint venture for the reconstruction of the Gilboa Dam in the northern Catskill Mountains.  The NYCDEP initiated an overall $400 million project to extend the life of the dam and bring it into compliance with NYSDEC safety standards.

Services include:

  • Horizontal traverses and large-scale vertical bench loops that fully integrate the entire construction project into one database for construction tracking.
    Leica 3D high-definition laser scanning, which provides a quick and accurate solution to obtaining measurements that were previously too dangerous or impossible to measure.
  • Various horizontal and vertical plan verifications to ensure conformance with approved plans and specifications.
  • Use of AutoCAD Civil 3D software, in conjunction with Leica Cyclone scanning processing software, to process digital terrain models to create ground surfaces and surfaces of the dam’s vertical walls.

Laser Scanning

Johnson Avenue Mobile LiDAR

ATANE employed Mobile LiDAR to collect data for a 5-mile corridor on Johnson Avenue in Suffolk County as part of a project to design a new force main in the roadway. Collecting points with the scanner enabled our team to accurately map the topography of the corridor and the intersecting streets, including curb lines, buildings, trees, street lighting, traffic signals and overhead wires. We employed electromagnetic locators and ground penetrating radar to detect and mark the location of underground utilities in the road bed. We used GPS to establish primary horizontal and vertical survey control.


Laser Scanning

National September 11 Memorial Museum Pedestrian Ramps

ATANE performed a detailed survey of 19 pedestrian ramps up to 96 feet in length at the National September 11 Memorial Museum at the World Trade Center complex to ensure that their size and slope complied with Americans with Disabilities Act specifications. The ramps, which direct visitors through the museum, are prominent architectural features with custom metal panels. The multiple shapes, planes, angles, and scale of the panels combine to accentuate the enormity of the tragic event.

Our work, which utilized a phase-based scanner to enable mapping of the entire ramps and to calculate the slope in many locations, was conducted at night so as not to interfere with pedestrian traffic.


Laser Scanning

Cross Harbor Rail Freight Tunnel

As lead surveyor, ATANE provided various surveying and mapping services in support of an environmental impact statement for freight tunneling under the Hudson River between New Jersey, Staten Island and Brooklyn to accommodate high-capacity freight trains carrying double stack and multiple loads from New Jersey to Brooklyn and from Brooklyn to Queens via the Bay Ridge Branch of the LIRR.

We also provided survey support services for the topographic plan and clearance study of 61 existing bridges along proposed project alignments. Horizontal and vertical clearances, as well as existing railroad track survey data, were obtained using conventional surveying techniques to ensure accuracy.

Project borings on land and within the Harbor (underwater) limits were precisely located by utilizing GPS and conventional surveying techniques.
The $5 billion project received the prestigious ACEC New York Diamond Award.


GPS Surveys

Global positioning system (GPS) surveying is used to establish highly accurate survey control networks, construction baselines, and control for aerial photography.

It can also be used to collect topographic detail and data for incorporation into geographic information systems (GIS).  Our teams are equipped with survey-grade units capable of sub-centimeter accuracy as well as GIS-grade units that are used when high accuracy is not required.  Our GPS-trained staff is highly experienced and proficient in the use of this technology and provides expert consultation for all types of GPS surveys.

GPS Surveys

Manayunk Canal Surveying

ATANE, as a team member, performed land surveys for the Manayunk Canal at the Flat Rock Dam on the Schuylkill River for the Philadelphia Water Department, which commissioned the project for design of proposed canal inlet improvements located in the Manayunk section of the city. The project site covers approximately 8 acres and consists of the mainstream channel of the Manayunk Canal downstream of the dam. The canal inlet gate control structure and canal lock were included within the survey limits.

ATANE used Leica 1230 GPS survey-grade equipment and conventional total stations to establish horizontal and vertical control. GPS observations were post-processed using the latest Leica LGO software. Additional control points were set for future construction of the site on a closed traverse and bench loop.

GPS Surveys

Philadelphia Industrial Development Corporation Restore Corridors

As a member of the team providing services for the Restore Corridors beautification project, ATANE performed horizontal and vertical mapping of 53 total city blocks equal to 31,800 linear feet of city roadway mapping. A critical component of the project was to ensure that commuters were not negatively impacted and that the safety of all workers and pedestrians was maintained.

The project involved all existing features within the right-of-way for all assigned corridors, including curbs, sidewalks, utilities, lighting, signs and other features scheduled for improvement and reconstruction. ATANE employed state-of-the-art GPS surveying grade instruments along with conventional robotic total station instruments.


GPS Surveys

PTC Rehabilitation/Replacement of EB-103

ATANE provided land surveying services to the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission to obtain existing topography surrounding the proposed rehabilitation/replacement of EB-103, the bridge carrying the turnpike over the Norfolk Southern Railroad in Middlesex Township.

We used Leica 1230 GPS survey-grade equipment and conventional total station to establish horizontal control working from the existing turnpike baseline. GPS observations were post-processed using the latest Leica LGO software. Additional control points were set for future construction of the site on a closed traverse and bench loop using a Topcon digital level.

To eliminate the need for any lane closure, a Leica 3D laser scanner was used to generate point cloud data of the existing mainline turnpike. QA/QC procedures were performed to ensure the accuracy of the scanner using reflectorless surveying instruments.